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Full Version: Wireless network connection problems with T42S
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I am experiencing an issue with some T42S and T46S model phones that use WF40 Wi-Fi dongles. Is seems that the phones will not automatically connect to a wireless access point that is closer to them than the one they are currently connected to. This results in low signal strength and loss of registration and/or call quality issues.

Has anyone else had problems with these phones not choosing the closest wireless access point?

I know these APs are working because I can see that other devices are connecting to them.
Yealink phones support this feature, but it also need network deployment environment with some special setting.
1. about the network deployment setting, I find some info in Internet, maybe it can give you some help.

2. Only when the connected device's signal become weak enough. If in Yealink phone, the signal lower than -60db, it mean weak enough, it will change to stranger signal. But if the signal isn't weak enough, maybe -40db or -30db. The phone won't switch automatic

3. Normally, the Desktop phone is stable and won't move place, also the WIFI devices. So the signal between phone and WIFI device is stable in most time. So why do you need phone connect to stranger signal automatic? I think the situation isn't happen in most time.
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