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Full Version: T-29G Lack of dual ring with headset
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Firmware Version:
Model: Yealink T29G
PBX Vendor: FreeSwitch

My problem is why does the documentation not outline what 'Use Headset Group' mean? I cannot get both my headset and speakerphone to ring at the same time?

features.ringer_device.is_use_headset = 2 works fine on the 4x series, just wondering why there would be an option for Headset Group when the only choices are Handset or Headset. Both of those work perfectly. If you would like logs please let me know what level to set the logging too and if you want a PCAP.

Marcus T.

Please upgrade to latest V82 version, I had tested locally, it can work. And the option is correct.

Note: if you choose Use Headset & Speaker mode, the ringer can ringing in headset and speaker when headset mode active.

I upgraded to the firmware you linked to and it does not appear to be working. In fact, it does not appear to be upgrading at all, it goes through the upgrade process but when I check back it reverts to the previous firmware. Is it perhaps the file name? I have run into that problem in previous models. The hardware version is on my phone.

Marcus T.

Ninja Edit, changing the name fixed it for me. Probably just a bug in the matrix. Thank you for your help, you can close this. I confirmed it is working now.

Again, thank you.
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