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Full Version: t46s + ehs36 + exp40 + sennheiser dw can't catch calls with button
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we've just bought 6 T46s phones, with their EHS36 adapters to use Sennheiser DW wireless headsets with them.

Two of those combos work great, but in the other four, that happen to be using also EXP40 extension panels, we're unable to use the button of the headset to catch / hang the calls...

As soon as we disconnect the panels everything works fine...

We've updated the firmware for all devices (t46s, ehs36, exp40 and dw) to its latest, and no change in behaviour.

Thanks in advance...
Dear Joseba,

Hoa are you?

For this issue, we can reproduce it in my side, and V81( is fine. May be you can downgrade to V81 firstly.

Download link as below:

I already submit it to R&D to fix it in V82 and come back to you when we can update.

Sorry for the inconvenience, hope your understanding.

Have a wonderful day!

We had the same issue. T46S (v66.82.0.20) -> EXP40 -> EHS36 but with a Jabra headset. Updated the firmware on EHS36 to the latest version. Receptionist still couldn't answer calls with Jabra headset button. Upgraded T46S firmware to v66.82.0.30 and can now confirm that it is working!
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