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Full Version: Yealink T42S Dsskey autoprovision
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I am trying to get Line Key 1 and 2 set for Lines 1 and 2 respectively. The following config does the following which is almost there but not quite.

Line 1 shows the phone icon and the line works as expected, but the Label is showing extension# | UserName
Line 2 does not show the phone icon, the line seems to work as expected, but no label at all.

I can manually configure it via the web interface and it works as expected, but we don't want to have to do that for every phone. What am I missing?

We set Line 2 as line 1 (same as Line key 1) as it did not work when set as 2.

We are running 3CX 15.5 latest release and the phone has latest firmware

#Configure Line Key1
{IF blf1}
linekey.1.line = %%Line%%
linekey.1.value = %%type%%
linekey.1.pickup_value = %%PickupValue%%
linekey.1.type = 15
linekey.1.label = Line 1
linekey.1.extension = %%PickupValue%%
linekey.1.type = 15
#Configure Line Key2
{IF blf2}
linekey.2.line = 1
linekey.2.value = %%type%%
linekey.2.pickup_value = %%PickupValue%%
linekey.2.type = 15
linekey.2.label = Line 2
linekey.2.extension = %%PickupValue%%
linekey.2.type = 15

Thanks in advance
Hi Mark,
This is caused by server upgrade. If there is BLF configured and you upgrade 3CX to latest version, the label will be erased unless you select "line key" under BLF page on server, please see picture 1 for configuration path.

After you select it and update the phone, phone will display the label as Extention| username as pushed by server. Please see picture 2 for reference.

Perfect thanks
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