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Full Version: T46G -- BUG
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I have a known bug with the latest firmware. I maintain a call center with troubleshooting and once went live, version users started experiencing quite a few sound quality problems. With this in mind, we have two separate internet connections in our building. Our data line and our 'phone' line. The phone line is an internet line dedicated to VOIP. Most if not all of our users connected to our 'phone' line are connected via USB dongle. When I plug it in to our phones, I can select an access point and type in the password and it connects. With, however, I get an instant 'Connect Failed'. I thought perhaps I was typing in the incorrect password (which has not changed at all) and I'm getting this per user I have switched to the newest firmware. To test, I plugged the dongle into a phone on a firmware version of, it connected with no problems after typing in the password. So far, I have eliminated incorrect password as a possibility, access point issues as a possibility, and network as a possibility since all the other users on this network are still running fine. So then, I deliberately plugged the USB dongle in before the firmware upgrade. I connected it to the access point before my upgrade. I disconnected the USB dongle and reconnected the wired connection on our data network, upgraded the firmware, then plugged the dongle back in to the phone post firmware update and it remembered the access point from before the firmware upgrade.

Sure, I found a workaround, but I believe I have discovered a bug (not allowing USB wifi dongle) to connect to wifi once you upgrade to but if you do it before the upgrade then it will remember the config and auto connect once you put the dongle in.

I am using the Yealink Wi-Fi USB Dongle WF40 on T46G's. Issue seems to be in
When you plug the WF40, it prompt to press OK to scan the WIFI, may i know if you press the OK key directly to connect the Wifi, or go to the Menu->Basic->WIFI? Or both the two ways failed to connect?

Please kindly provide the level 6 syslog, config.bin and pace trace when you connect the WIFI success and fail scenario. I will submit the files to our R&D to check if it is a bug.
Refer to the FAQ to collect the three files:

Besides, how many phones you have in total? How many of them have the issue?

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