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Full Version: v82 for DECT
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Now that a v82 firmware is available for almost all desktop phones, when will v82 come available for W52P and W56P DECT phones?
Is there an ETA?

Dear Customer,

This is Johnson from Yealink technical support team,nice to work with you.
Now both W52P and W56P are base on V80 firmware.
We will release the V81 firmware for W52P and W56P.
Otherwise,we don't have a schedule to release V82 firmware for W52P and W56P.

Besides,why are you want to ues the V82 for W52P and W56P?
Have any project to need use the V82 new feature?
Or you just want to this schedule?

Any question,please feel free to let me know.

Hi Johnson,

At this moment I do not have any issues at all with the base firmware and I’m running.
I just like to know if there will be a V82 firmware available, so all Yealink phones will run at the same firmware level… xx.82.0.xx

Dear Customer,

Thanks for your info.
Any upadte about V82 for DECT,I will let you know.

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