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Full Version: Show Name and Numbers
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Hello i leave in Switzerland here give a website there call this website find Name or phone numbers.
is it possible if somebody phone me, yealink go search in and Show me Name and nummber on my phone


sorry for my bad englisch
Dear customer,

For SIP phones, I have to say sorry that we don't support this. Yealink SIP phones support XML phonebook, local phonebook, ldap, BSFT directory.

Here I would suggest you to take a look Yealink Android phones T58V/A, T56A. See below website for more details.

Kind Regards
Elaine Huang
thank you for answer elaine

greetz Guido
+1 for caller ID to show both the name and the number being dialed. Annoying SFB feature (also happens on the windows client too, not just the phones).

If you have a crappy callerID like 'anonymous' or 'unknown', you can't see the # of the person dialing you. Bad implementation in my opinion.
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