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Full Version: Line doesn't show as in use when cordless user is using line
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I have the Yealink w52p setup to connect to my Xblue phone x-25 server. Everything works fine, except for the line in use indicators on the Xblue phones.

When I have one of the function buttons programmed as the extension of the cordless phone, in this case 123, I can use it to call the phone... but it never lights up indicating that the phone is already in use. No matter what, it stays dark.

Is there some basic or advanced setting I'm missing in the account config of the w52p that would fix this?


Good day!

From your description, maybe you should do some troubleshooting in server side and Xblue phones side.

For BLF feature, when the Xblue phone is configured to monitor W52P, it sends a SUBSCRIBE message to the server. A NOTIFY message which includes XML in the message body is sent to the Xblue to inform the current state of monitored W52P. Once status of the W52P is changed from idle to busy or vice versa, the Xblue is notified from the server with a NOTIFY message.

And this feature depends on support from a SIP server.

Any question, freely to let me know!

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