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Full Version: T23G Auto Provisioning Issues
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(09-12-2017 06:31 AM)Lucia Wrote: [ -> ]Dear Sir,

I have just got the analyze result from our R&D, please see below:

1. when do the SSL handshake, the other side can not recognize the handshare message the T23 sent, and set the reset message to T23 to request negotiate again which cause the problem.

2. check the info of T29G, the T29G use the TLS1.0, but the T23 use the TLS1.2, for the present, the server feedback with 500 error when the phone use TLS1.2.

Suggestion configure the T23 to use the TLS1.0

use the HTTP to do auto provision with the parameter below to configure the TLS version as 1.0 = 0

After configure like above, if the issue still exist, please provide the test accounts, config,bin, pace trace and syslog for us to do further test and analyze.
(You can sent the test account to

Best Regards

Yes! Thank you, that fixed it. Thank you for all your help.
Thank you for your confirm.

Best Regards
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