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Full Version: W56 Base Station with 2 Handsets
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I just got a W56P with 2 Handsets each registered to it own extension. When I look at the lines on the handset it shows the registered extension of the handset and the extension of the second handset, disabled. Is there a way to remove the second handsets extension from handset 1 & 2 from each of the handsets? I tried going into the Handsets in the web interface and only assigning for Handset 1, Incoming Line 1 and Outgoing Line 1 and for Handset 2 Incoming line 2 and Outgoing Line 2 but each handset still shows both extensions.
Dear customer,

We don’t support to disable the display of other extension in line status currently.

Because the line status display all accounts that registered in one base, and it is design by this.

But I can feedback your request to our Product Manager, would you mind share us why you want disable the display of other extension in line status?

It would be better if you can share me more business information.

Best Regards
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