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Full Version: Feature request : change font size in contact list
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Currently, we have some 600 Aastra 6725IP phones in use, but we are testing a few Yealink T48G phones. Test users are impressed by the user friendly interface of these telephones, but I get one common request: the default fontsize of the contact listed in the contact screens is way to large. Only 8-10 characters are displayed, and with 6.000 staff members and 25.000 students in our address book, we have a lot of duplicate last names, which results in an almost unusable list of identical last names... I already called support about this, and they were very helpful by providing a setting which can be changed in the web interface of the phone (Web interface->Settings->Auto Provision->Server URL->M7:phone_setting.name_full_display.enable=1->Autoprovision Now) which change the default font size to a more useful size.

However, I think the user friendlyness of this aadress list could get a lot better, just by providing some kind of zoom functionality (by placing a slider or just a + and - key on the size of the screen), giving end users the ability to increase or decrease the font size on the fly, even while they are already browsing the address list. This could even be used to provide end users extra information when using small font sizes (like department and office location) when searching for contacts.

At this time, the small screens of the Aastra 6725IP phones show more information about contacts than the large 800x600 pixel screens of the T48G, which still gives the old phones a large advantage over the Yealinks... At this time, this is even the only missing feature preventing us to change to Yealink as our standard phone supplier for SfB VoIP phone-devices in the future.

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