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Full Version: YeaLink wireless handsets are the worst
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I need to call out and my handset says "Initializing Data". I reset the base. Nothing helps. I don't have time for this and this has been a constant struggle! We've swapped out equipment. Moved the bases around many times. Nothing helps.

Sorry to hear you have issues with the W52P DECT phone.
Please make sure you are running the latest firmware in base and handset(s)
After the firmware upgrade please reset the base to factory default, provisioning it and test again.

Hope this will help.
Yes, please follow up the suggestion of the Complex first.

Also, i want to know, after you reset the phone, you register the account again, and the handset will show "Initializing Data" immediately? Or even you do not register the account and handset, will it show this?

Besides´╝îhow many phones in you side? And how many of them have the issue?

Best Regards
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