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Full Version: T58V Exchange Calendar Sync Issue
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I am trying to sync my exchange calendar to the T58V and having some issues. As an example I have a meeting scheduled at 11:30-12:00 in my exchange Calendar. On the phone it shows the meeting 3 times for the same time period.
Dear Customer,

This is Johnson from Yealink technical support team. Nice to work with you.
According to your describe, I don't catch all your means.
May I know you install the exchange calendar app on T58V?

"On the phone it shows the meeting 3 times for the same time period. "
I don't think it have any issue, because the meeting reminder period and times base on the exchange calendar app.

Any misunderstanding, please kindly let me know.

I am using the calendar app that is on the phone by default, synced with exchange. When I came in this morning the calendar was still on Fridays date 07/21/2017. The Meeting displays 3 times on the screen which takes up room for other meeting times.
Dear Customer,

Thanks for your response.
Now I know that your issue.
I have test on local, unfortunate I can't reproduce this issue.
Therefore, would you please provide some issue data for us.
1.May I know your phone firmware version?
2.Would you please provide issue screenshot for us?

Dear Customer,

Is there any update regarding this issue?
Thanks and looking forward to your reply.
I did a little more testing and the issue is occurring whenever there is an update to the calendar item. Any time there is an update it adds a new one for the same period. Not sure how to upload an image in the forum?
What is the possibility of having two locking mechanisms on these Media phones, 1 for the screen and a separate for the dial pad. Since the unit supports Calendar, email, etc., I want to be able to lock people out from gaining access to the screen but not from being able to dial the phone.
Dear Customer,

For your first question, you can upload the pictures into google drive,
then send the link for me.

For your second question, T58V cannot support separate the screen and the dial pad
for lock phone.

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