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Full Version: Question about SfB Licenses
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Hello to the board !

This request isn't specific for the T48G, but as we intend to use them in the future, it's hopefully O.K. to post it here.

Our distributor sells Yealink phones ready for Lync/SfB.
Will they come with seperate license, I have to enter on each phone
or will they be ready configured completely with license ?

If the latter is the case:
do I have the option to view/backup the license before I flash the phone with the standard SIP firmware ?
It's because I need the Lync/SfB functionality but also would like to do some testing with standard SIP without voiding the license

Best Regards

For your question:

1.Generally, we are not pre-configured the license on the phone, you can get license from our official website, as below link:
For more information, please kindly refer to the FAQ:

If you have specific project requirement, we can build-in the license on the SFB phone, please kindly send the detail information to my E-mail:

2.By the way, if the SFB license is imported into the phone, the SFB license will not be voided before Expiry Date. That is, upgrade from SFB to SIP firmware, then upgrade to SFB firmware, you don’t need to import license again.

Let me know if any question.

Best Regards,
Evan You
Hi Evan,

thank you for your detailed response !
So I understand, once I have the license imported, it will remain on the phone, even when I switch between SfB and SIP firmware.

Looking at the links you provided, I learned there are permanent licenses and licenses that will expire after 90 days.
What I'm now missing is some information about when I get which license with the phone.
Maybe you can shed some light on this ?

Best Regards

Dear Renke ,

You are right, and now Yealink SFB license website is online. Please click
Using Yealink support account, you can generate license by yourself.

Normally, if you submit your application within our work time 8:30-18:00 (Beijing time), we'll approve it within the day. Due to jet lag, if you submit the application after our work time, we'll approve it next day morning.

If any misunderstanding, please kindly correct me and provide more information.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best Regard,
Evan You
Hello Evan,

thank you very much for the fast response !
What I did not understand and did not find any information about:
On the license portal I can get 90 day licenses and unlimited licenses for SfB.

When do I get a 90 day SfB license and when do I get an unlimited one ?
It would be nice if you cann tell me about the difference between these or provide me a link, where I find explanation about it.

Best Regards

Dear Renke,

Normally, if you submit your application of 90 day licenses, we'll approve it within the day,that make faster use and testing for customer. That is, most customer use it to test.

If you need the permanent license , we'll approve it longer than normal, we need check with something information about applicant, hope you will understand.

But don't worry, if necessary, please tell us, we will tell our Lync/SFB support team to help you for the license and service ASAP.

All in all, you can apply for it both.

Let me know if any question.

Best Regards,
Evan You
Hello Evan,

thank you !
I hope I got it:
When I bought a Yealink phone with SfB license included, the license always is a permanent one.
The license is not shipped together with the phone.
It has to be obtained from your company by request.
Obtaining the permanent license may take some time, so the 90 days license is for intermediate use and testing.
Can I say it like this ?

Best Regards

Dear Renke,

I am so sorry that my description of SFB license was unclear.

By default, the Skype for Business phone has a built-in Skype for Business feature license(permanent), which allows user to use Yealink phones with Skype for Business features directly.

If users purchase SIP phones which aren’t running Skype for Business firmware,
while the user wants to upgrade firmware to a Skype for Business firmware, then a Skype for Business feature license is needed to be uploaded to the Skype for Business phone after the update. So you should get the license from our company by request.

About license Expiry Date:
1.when you need to do something testing with the Lync/SfB functionality, you can submit your application of 90 day licenses, that make faster using and testing.
2.when you confirm use the Phones of SFB firmware, you can submit the permanent license for use.

By the way, how many phones you want ? When testing? When deploying?
Would you mind sending the project information to my E-mail ?

Any question, freely to let me know.

Best Regards,
Evan You
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