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Full Version: EHS36 for Plantronics CS520
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Well guys, finally i bought for myself EHS36 remote connector to use with the Plantronics CS520 remote headset on one of the Yealink T26p telephone.Take after the EHS36 Client control guidelines identified with Plantronics remote headset, it neglects to work. At the point when inbound call to the T26p telephone, it rings however on the Platronics remote headset, I hear 3 short beeps rather than customary ring tone. After squeezing the noting catch on the Plantronics, I can't hear the guest. I saw the headset light Driven on unfaltering green and the T26p screen shows "Talking" status however I don't hear any voice. When I press the noting catch again on the Plantronics to hang up, the telephone screen changes to typical sit out of gear state.I likewise check the quiet catch and augment the volume on the Plantronics headset of no outcome. Neither the guest nor me can hear each other.Performed disengage tried on the Plantronics CS520 itself works fine. However according to paper writing service product document, Plantronics headset should have worked better.what is your feedback on the product?
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