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Full Version: Shared Call Appearance unstable
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The SCA feature seems unstable. Calls are dropped while on hold.

In my scenario, two phones (T48s and W56p) are configured with the same extension (201). SCA seems to work fine, I can place a call on hold on one phone and pick up the call on the other and visa-versa.

If /when the active call drops, the W56p still sees an active SCA call (201 - held) while the T48s, accurately, shows no active call. The only way to get W56p, still seeing the an active SCA, to reset its call appearance is to initiate another call from the T48p.

I have been able to reproduce this. It only happens if the W56p is the device that places the call on hold. If the T48s places the call on hold the calls remain active until one of the devices picks up the call. After the W56p places the call on hold, the call drops 36 later. This will not happen if the call was put on hold from the T48s. Also active (talking) calls will not drop.

Using FreeSwitch v1.6.18
W56p Base firmware:
W56p Handset firmware

Please make sure the phones are running the latest firmware and try again.

Hope this will help.
They are... same issue.

I have verified the same using the same phones / systems / settings but replacing the
W56p with a T42s. Works fine.

Using barge in from the W56p also drops calls.
I am pretty sure this is a bug in the firmware.

Has anyone gotten this to work with a W56? I've tries with two of them with no success.

I have tried your scenario with two phones (T48G and W56P) and a 3CX PBX, but I can not reproduce your issue.
Also when the W56P places the call on hold, the call never drops.
Appreciate you trying to help. Good to know that 3cx does not have the issue. We picked the phone based on Yealink's partnership with FreeSwitch. Perhaps we should have done more testing with other brands.

Anyone from Yealink want to chime in? This is a reproducible issues with a firmware based feature.
Again thanks for the help.

Would you be able to upload the W56 SIP config file you are using so I can do a comparison?

Please help us to get trace files from W56P.
You will know the method via this FAQ:

And I need to confirm one question with you again.
You said you put the call on hold in W56P, after 36 it will drop.
Do you mean 36 seconds? 36 seconds every time?

Finally, can you tell me how many phones in your side now?
All DECT phones face this issue?
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