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Full Version: What video conference system compatible.
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Hi everyone,

In our meeting room there is CP860 Audio Conference device on meeting desk.
We are going to buy a video conference system from yealink.

But i don't want too many device on the desk.
what can I do?

What model of yealink video conference system I must choose? Or there is no any device like that?

Can anyone help me?
Dear Furkan, I am Wei from Yealink technical support.

Thank you for considering our solution for the upgrade of your conference room. We have variable solutions targeting at the different sizes of the meeting rooms. So could you please tell us that how may normally in the room for the meeting? 1 to 3 people or more than 3 people? And also the approximate area of the room, such as 5 meters by 3 meters? With the information, we can offer suitable solutions for you.

Thank you again, looking forward to your feedback, and have a nice day!

Best Regards,
Wei Zhang
Yealink Network Technology Co., Ltd
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