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Full Version: Possible Bug: MWI and Clock
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I've noticed an issue with my T21P E2 and T23G running xx.81.0.110. It is not happening on my T29G running the same version.

When MWI is lit, the clock won't update. For example:
  1. New message arrives at 13:21, MWI lights up
  2. Five minutes later, the clock still says 13:21
  3. If I lift the handset, the clock will update to the current time
  4. Once I put the handset back, the clock freezes again

When MWI is cleared and turns off, the clock works normally.

Can anyone else confirm this behavior?
Dear Customer,

This is Johnson from Yealink technical support team. Nice to work with you.
Good news.
This issue is fixed via xx.81.0.101 firmware.
You can download this firmware via below link.

Any update, please kindly let me know.

We've also discovered this happens when the missed call indicator is displayed.
Dear Customer,

When you upgrade firmware to xx.81.0.101 version,
it also can fix this issue.

Hello Johnson,

I've installed firmware xx.81.0.104 on the T19PE2, T21PE2, T23G, T27P, and T40P, and the issue seems to be resolved.

Thank you.
Hello Johnson,
I have also the same bug with T23G and firmware X.81.0.110
Where can I found firmware xx.81.0.101 or xx.81.0.104 as you suggest ?
Thank you
Best regards
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