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Full Version: Blind Transfer not showing up
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Watched the yaelink youtube video on blind transfer and when they hit the transfer button then they get a choice and one is "blind Transfer" . Mine does not show this. I have enabled blind transfer thru the webui but I can only do a attended transfer.

I want to transfer a call to ext 105 so I hit transfer button and then type 105 and must wait till a connection is made and then hit transfer again. If I do this slowly then the person saying hello is not connected in time for the transfer call to hear hello. They may only get the "lo" instead of "hello"

I just want to hit transfer or a blind transfer type in 105 and hangup or be done. Am i doing something wrong, how do I get the "blind transfer" to show up on phone screen.

Hi drpete,

I have tested your scenario, but I cannot reproduce the issue.

Please upgrade the Base AND Handset(s) to the latest available firmware version and try again.

Hope this will help.
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