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Full Version: Multicast won't overwrite blank
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Tested on T42S with both and

If you set a multicast address (manually or via provisioning) for slot 1, you cannot clear it with a blank entry in your provisioning file.

multicast.listen_address.1.ip_address =

The immediate workaround is to set it to a dummy IP, so it's not urgent. Seems like this may be a bug/feature request?
Dear customer,

This is Johnson from Yealink technical support team. Nice to work with you.
For this issue, I have reproduce the problem on local.
I will submit to our R&D team to solved this issue.
Any update, I will note you.

Maybe I'm out of date with my provisioning syntax, but the old way of doing this used to be to set the value to %NULL%. Maybe somebody from Yealink can confirm that's still the case in V81 provisioning though as I have not tested in a long time...
Dear Customer,

Yes, you are right.
%NULL% means reset value by default.
%EMPTY% means value is empty
For this issue, you can remove ip address via below syntax.
multicast.listen_address.1.ip_address = %NULL%

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