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Full Version: Remove Dialing Suggestions
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An associate keeps getting confused by the auto-suggestions that her T41P gives when dialing, especially when about to transfer a call.
Is there a way to remove the suggestions listed below the currently dialed numbers?

See picture attached:
When the caller dials "722," she keeps mistakenly believing that she has dialed the wrong associate "araceli(714)."

I realize that the phone is not doing anything wrong, but is there a way to disable the suggestions completely?

Thanks in advance!
hi Brian

do you mean that when you associate call out 722 then Araceli will answer that call ,bug Araceli is using account 714?

if yes, you should try to check with 722, if any forward or transfer are made to t14?

a factory reset to T22 is recommended!

I made a mistake when uploading the picture on the initial post. Please see that now.
There is no issue with the actual call. The problem is that when the caller is dialing an extension, the phone is giving incorrect suggestions.
Is there a way to remove these suggestions at the bottom of the screen?
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