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Full Version: Common config with t46s not working
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So, I am using autoprovisioning with mac.cfg and y000000000066.cfg.

The manual states to use the last two has the hardware number.

The t46s will grab the mac.conf just fine, but it will not grab the common.cfg.

Any ideas?

Do i have my common config name wrong? The hardware version for these phones is 66.X

HI Sir,

Can you send the common.cfg to me to check? Also, please provide the level 6 syslog, config.bin and pace trace when you reproduce the issue, then i will analyze the files. (or you can send the files to

Please note use the different cfg files when you do test, because if the cfg is the same with the first time, then the phone will not to download the CFG file again. It may also be the reason for your problem.

I'm having the same issue with the T46s

I have both the y000000000066.cfg and also in my mac oriented boot file I've pointed to a file called "common.cfg" which is the same contents as the y000000000066.cfg

None of the global config/common config settings are being picked up.

The mac oriented cfg files work perfectly.
Is it the name of the CFG that should differ or the content of the CFG file that has to differ?

Lets say that we want to send new BLF information to the phone, but the cfg file still is called y000000000001.cfg
Would our phone get the new information, or would the phone not download the file?

Looking forward to your reply.
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