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Full Version: Remote backup of local phone book
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I'm looking out for a method to backup the local phonebooks of our Yealink phones.
Has anyone already built a script or something like that to manage mass backup processes from a central server?

Any hints are appreciated Wink

Hi Patrick,
This is Paul form Yealink Technical Support Team, nice to meet you.
Abut your query, I recommend that you Export the local directory from the phone.
1.Login in the phone website
2.Go to Directory->Local Directory, and click "Export XML", like attached.

Any problem, please feel frre to contact us.

Hi Paul,

thanks for your reply.

You are right, this would be the preferred way to backup one or a few phones.
But if you are handling with 50, 100 or even more phones it would be much easier to use a server side script or similar.
Something that manages the task automatically.
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