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Full Version: T46G Skype For Business not resolving skype contact names & no missed call report
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Hi Guys,

I've been testing the T46G for a few days now but I've run into 2 problems that I am unable to solve or work around and both are quite major.
I've updated a regular t46G to SFB firmware and performed a full reset, we are using Skype for business online so everything is hosted and configured through the office 365 portal.

1. When receiving a skype call and I fail to pick up I don't receive any notification about the failed call, not on the display, not in the call history. even though all options are enabled for this.

If my test account calls the phone and hangs up after 5 rings (i press disconnect on the test account) nothing shows up on the phone.

The second issue is somewhat more complicated.

As you can see in the attached picture my contact names are not resolving correctly.

All the contacts are added on the skype for business client on the PC, using their skype names and marking them as favourites on the client. They are all normal consumer skype users and all names are resolved on the PC client.

I can see pictures, and status updates on the client, but the phone only shows the status updates. I can call them without a problem, but I would like to see the normal names and profile pictures.

If I add a skype for business user that is within our S4B online environment I can see the name and profile picture.

Our federation records and external communications are enabled, it's just that the phone only remembers the first time I've added the users based on the skype names...

i've attached our config.bin file exported straight from the phone.
we are running the following version:

Firmware Version (Latest Skype for business firmware)
Hardware Version

and the following SFB status:

Phone Status
License Status Installed
Btoe Status Unpaired
CAP False
Server Status
Update Server Url
Edge Server ( IP:; Port: 3478)
Voice Mail Uri;opaque=app:voicemail
Email URI
Focus Factory URI sip:;gruu;opaque=app:conf:focusfactory
Home Server URL ( IP:; Port: 443;transport = 2)
MRAS URL;gruu;opaque=srvr:MRAS:6KQ6tZ8ZG1​​OIenR8tfDnEQAA
CallPark Server URI
Authentication info
User Type Managed
SIP Authentication TLS_DSK
Authentication Type OAUTH
Exchange Authentication Type OAUTH
UC Policy
Simultaneous ringing Disabled
Call forwarding Disabled
Call Park Disabled
Call transfer Disabled
Delegation Enabled
Teamcall Disabled
Data Number
Calendar Number 0
Contact Number 12
Calllog Number 8
Visual Voicemail Number 0
Reference URL's