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Full Version: false recall after transfer with pjsip
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Just setup a new system with FreePBX 13 and used PJSIP for all the extensions.

When a call is transferred to another extension and voicemail picks up, after the caller hangs up, the person that transferred the caller has their phone start ringing showing "Recall" but there is no call there.

Here are two links to others posts about this issue with multiple models of Yealink phones.

I have a PCAP from a T46 that shows this happening.
[Image: 4eaMBxB.png]
[Image: wh8iJfJ.png]

Is there some setting in the phone that I can change to stop this behaviour?
Will reply with you use the ticket system.
Support was helpful. For anyone that finds this thread later, you can set the following in a T4X config. I did not test this with any other models.

transfer.hang_up_after_success_trans = 3
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