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Full Version: Dial-plan priorities or greediness
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Dial plan entries are listed in "alphabetical" order (not in the sequence entered) and do not seem to have a priority (e.g. if the first rule is met, the rest is skipped).
There also does not seem to be a rule like "anything but" for more than one digit/character.

My challenge Confused :
All "normal" phone numbers (that include area code) start with a 0 and then have 9 more digits, the first of those 9 not being a zero.
For this I would like to use the dial-now rule-pattern 0[1-9]xxxxxxxx
However, the 080x-(toll-free) and 090x-(paid) series numbers have either 4 or 7 digits following the 080x or 090x.
A dial-now rule for the 7 digit case would be to use a pattern 0[8-9]0xxxxxxxx

But, how can I prevent that when a user dialing a 080x or 090x number lingers just a bit before entering the last digit, it does not meet the "normal" phone number rule and is dialed without the last digit.

I have essentially the identical challenge for Dial-plan replace-rules.

Any help is appreciated
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