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Full Version: Firmware upgrade with provisioning url(relative)
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Is there a way to enable yealink phone to check for firmware using provisioning url configured without manually configuring firmware.url parameter in configuration file.

For example, we just configure Server URL in Auto Provisioning section as

The IPPhone can use this url to get firmware file with following http request:
Or if we provide just "default_fw_filename" in " firmware.url" and phone could append "default_fw_filename" to Server URL for checking firmware?

I can see this kind of behavior is supported in Polycom phone.But i can not achieve the same with Yealink Phones.

Just out of curiosity what's the problem with specifying the firmware path?

I believe Yealink requires this so it knows whether to load firmware via HTTP, TFTP, etc since the first thing you specify is the protocol. I do not know of any way outside of the firmware.url param to tell the phone to check for firmware updates.
The provisioning address is obtained via DHCP. if there is a mechanism (as i explained), it would be easier to automate the process since we do not need to change config file parameter.
Also current Yealink phone behavior(if it is as you say) is best suited when provision server and phones are in same network. Since provisioning server itself writes the firmware url in our case, it become complex when its behind SBC/Firewall/proxy.In these cases provisioning server may not be aware of FQDN used by phone to reach provisioning server so there is no way to give full url including hostname.

Instead if phone supports the feature, provisioning server could just write relative path. IP Phone would take it up and append it with provisioning server FQDN and send the request.
Relative path works best for load balancing among provisioning servers as well during firmware upgrade.
For polycom, the provisioning server FQDN obtained via DHCP is used for firmware upgrade as well. They just append default firmware file name in it.

Thats why i am looking for it.
hi there

thanks so much for your report of this request , but i think we can also do it with the server side modification :

1. phone side support check new config repeatedly , so you can enable it, say make it connect the server side to check new config every day 2-4 AM

2. then every time your server side had new firmware , just update the firmware to server side and then i believe server side will update the cfg file automatically

3. every day 2-4 AM , phone connect to server side and find new cfg file , then it will download and provision to upgrade .

i believe this will be more easier now ?

let me know if any question .


What we do is to use a simple symlink.

For ex, for T46G, the firmware URL ends with /T46G-latest.rom. And it links the actual firmware file. When a new firmware is realeased, all we do is change the symlink to point to he new firmware.

This saves a lot of issues in managing all of our customer handsets.
hi AsankG

thanks for your explanation , i have submit this request to our product team for evaluation , but i can't promise whether they will add this feature or not as i think the solution provided before is enough .

thanks again for your report .

I am missing something here. I put the
firmware.url = tftp://admin:password@
in the y000000000000.cfg for the T46G phones and it doesn't seem to do anything. I have tried it like:
firmware.url = tftp://
as well and still nothing.
Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong? It's located in the root /tftpboot

I read the above links and didn't get anything that would work for me.

The configs all work and the phones are configured for their respective mac.cfg files. I wouldn't have to put the firmware.url = file in each of those files would I?

Thanks very much for any help.
I tried to put this in the y000000000000.cfg for the T46G Yealinks with no success of the firmware being applied.

firmware.url = tftp://admin:password@

Can someone let me know what I am doing wrong? Is the syntax wrong?

I tried it also:


It still didn't work.

Thanks for anyone's help.
I have my
hi AsankG

may i know that how your PBX support auto provision with Yealink ? can the server support tag ?

if yes, then you can use this tag to define the newest firmware on server side

then every time your server update firmware , then it can push the newest firmware to phone side with no problem .

Broadsoft support this feature .

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