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Full Version: Delayed Action URL call
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At our office we use several T46G telephones. Because we built a CRM that holds all phone numbers of all contacts, we created a small application that uses the built-in Action URL support to log all calls.

However, since the last update it takes about 30-40 seconds after the call has started until the action URL is called. This is really annoying because the person receiving the call doesn’t know who’s calling.

Is there any way to fix this?
Can you tell me more detail whole process and detail Action URL which you using?

I need to know detail and deeply your small application, then I can give you suggestion.
I'm getting the same problem. Started happening since a recent firmware update was made.

Even the handsetup and handsetdown triggers take around 40-50 seconds to cause the HTTP method to be called.

I attached to the web service and its definitely the phone doing this. It didn't do it before, it was instantaneous.
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