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Full Version: Skype for Business T48 - Blind Transfer Directly to Voicemail
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Greetings - I'd like to be able to 'blind transfer' a call directly to someone's voice mail. This is in the Skype for Business edition of the T48.

Additional details - right now if I do a consultive transfer and the person says they don't want to take the call, I have no way to go back to the call and then initiate a blind transfer to voice mail of the internal person. If I just do a blind transfer, it will start ringing their extension again....

There are a couple places where this could be easily implemented. When selecting the 'favorite' after initiating a blind transfer, their contact card comes up, a simple voice mail option would be great!
You call to someone, but this person busy now, and he hope you can just call to voice message.
I think it's better and reasonable that the person forward you call to voice mail when ringing.

Yealink phone support forward incoming call to voice message, there is a button which you just need to press is during ringing.
Incoming call will forward to voice message automatic.

For your current scenario, sorry that Yealink phones don't support now.
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