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Full Version: Suggestions: Adjustable Phone Stand / Bluetooth / Footprint
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Have a T48G. One of the first things people say is "Can't I adjust the display and tilt it up?"

Answer is no. So now people have a stack of business cards under the back of the stand to prop up the display so it is more upright.

Would be nice to have an adjustable stand and ability to get the phone more upright.

Slightly smaller footprint would be nice as well. 7" is great, but a lot of wasted real estate. 6" screen, or be able to just get rid of many of the buttons and phone redesign would be great to reduce the size, yet improve the functionality as well.

Lastly, native bluetooth chipset built in to the phone, no dongle required and additional cost.

hi sir
Thank you for your suggestions. We will add these to the demand list.
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