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Full Version: Yealink T27P latest Firmware (Loudspeaker & Hold Volume too loud)
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Good day

I am having issues with a new customer installation where we have T27P's.
One extension's loudspeaker is way too loud (even on it's lowest setting).

If not an actual fault on the speaker, then could this be firmware related???

Suggest that reset to factory setting firstly.
Secondly,check whether adjust the volume off hook.
Phone will only adjust the handset volume in off hook status and adjust the loudspeaker volume in on hook status.

If it doesnot work,would you please do me a favor to offer some detial information for us.
1.Your phone's fireware(firmware)
2.You mean the sending volume of receiving volume is too loud?
3.The loudspeaker volume of other T27 is normal?

Best regard!
Thank you Karl
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