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Full Version: SfB Contact Favorites
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Hello All,
If I check out a contact on the phone in my Favorites some show additional phone numbers(work,mobile,etc.) while others do not.

A person I put into my Favorites that is not a user on our SfB system does not show their phone numbers when I select detail. The same person selected in the SfB client does have this detail. A person who is a user on our SfB system will have additional phone numbers detail on both the phone and the client. Is there a setting i need to update to see the additional phone numbers?

Yealink T46G FW -

hi Jim

thanks for your information .

for this question , do you mean that the phone side can't show any phone number ? or just show name and office number , then when you press details, just the same, no other numbers shown ?

or it can just show name but no any number ?

please make the issue clear to us so that we can understanding more and provide the trace file to us for future analysis, trace file including pcap file, config bin and syslog file , we need pcap file to check the communication of phone and server side , we need syslog file to know what happened to phone side , and we need config file to check if any configuration is missed, so we need three of them provide at one time.

for how to get them and check they are useful, please refer to the FAQ below:

please send us the trace file ASAP so that your issue can be solved faster !

let me know if any question


Yealink Wiki :
To help future readers I ended up doing a support ticket for this problem. I received a test firmware not long after and the problem was resolved by it. At this time is the current SfB release for the T46G. So I am guessing the next release may have the fix.

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