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Full Version: T26P Show Incoming number if Line is picked up
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Dear Sir, Woman,

When somebody calls to the Phone I see 3 lines:


But when I answer it, it only shows the name and not the number. This is very unhandy because we can't write down the number then.

Is it possible to change this behavior?
1. check if any directory you are using ? remote phonebook or LDAP? if yes ,it may be the Filter conditions issue, just check again with your phone administrator
2 .upgrade to the last firmware , firmware download link :

I think you don't understand me the right way. The display is showing three lines with an incoming call (before we pickup). Only the second line is important because that is the number of the customer. In the first and third line it is showing the name of our call Group (Broadsoft system). When I pickup the Phone the only thing that is left in the screen is the first line, our call group name, but the telephone number isn't visible anymore. It has nothing to do with the addressbook or contacts because this al empty at this moment. I just won't to know if it possible to change the information which is left in the screen when we pickup?

ps: i I upgrade which firmware should i choose?
2. New
4. ( BroadSoft Solution ) New
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