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Full Version: LDAP configuraton for Yealink T48G in Ubuntu
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Is there a comprehensive guide on how to create central phonebook using LDAP (open LDAP) on unix? The guide I've found is only for a windows server... So far, I have set up a LDAP on my server, but I can't quiet figure out how to create a working connection and/or working adresses.

The guide for Unix has not been ready, but we have the Chinese copy, if you need the Chinese version, please send a private message to me with your emial address, then I will send you the file.


Best Regards.
I sent you a message Smile.

On other hand: Is it even possible with LDAP to save a contact globally for all database connected phones directly on a single client Phone ?

If it isn't, I would rather save my time and look for another workaround Smile
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