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Full Version: T27G + EXP20
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we recently got one T27G as substitute for the T27P series and we aren't able to use it with a EXP20 expansor.

The EXP20 does display the name of the extensions configured as BLF but doesn't blinks nor iluminates when said extensions are making calls, etc... additionally it doesn't display the little icons beside the name on the display.

We encountered this same problem on the T27P but with an update to the 80.0.130 firmware was fixed, the T27G comes with the v81 firmware, I've updated it to the latest version (81.0.25) but still not working.

The same expansor on a T27P with the same configuration works perfectly.


We test on our side T27G(, but the LED on EXP20 can bright and indicate status correctly. For reference, I take a screenshot as below:
In the scenario, PBX is 3CX V15, I configure a BLF key on phone side line4 and also the same BLF configuraton on EXP20 key3, when someone call to the monitered BLF extension, bothe line4 and key3 are blinking.
Maybe you could have the phone reset first, if issue persists, please register the same extension on T27G and T27P, then take PCAP trace, syslog, config.bin files from each phone, then send to, we will do further analysis.


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seems that with the v81 I need to configure the BLF with "extension@domain" whereas in v80 with "extension" was enough.

I didn't found anything in the documentation about that.

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