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Full Version: Basic settings on device
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I've got T23G device
How can I lock also the Basic settings on Phone?
I dont want my people at work to change any setting of this phone.
Hi Gilb´╝î

About your issue,user access level of web/phone user interface can solve it.
You can know how to setting according to Yealink_SIP-T23 User Access Level
You can download this file from

Please feel free to contact with us any question.
Best regard!
Can I disable it using autoprovision file?
what I should set there?
Please help me how to lick the basic configuration of device from user to change it?
simply you can use the phone lock feature and change the username and password to log in the website of the phone , like below:

phone_setting.phone_lock.enable = 1
phone_setting.phone_lock.lock_key_type = 0
phone_setting.phone_lock.unlock_pin = 12345
phone_setting.phone_lock.lock_time_out = 3
phone_setting.emergency.number = 911
security.user_name.admin = admins
security.user_password = admins:1234
phone locked after 3 seconds no operation and unlock pin is 12345 , emergency number is 911 , website log in username : admins password: 1234

detail below:

###It configures the keypad lock type.
###0-All Keys,1-Function Keys,2-Menu Key.
###The default value is 0.
phone_setting.phone_lock.lock_key_type =

###It configures the password for unlocking the keypad.
###The default value is 123.
phone_setting.phone_lock.unlock_pin =

###It configures the interval (in seconds) to automatically lock the keypad.
###The default value is 0 (the keypad is locked only by long pressing the pound key or pressing the keypad lock key)
phone_setting.phone_lock.lock_time_out =
phone_setting.emergency.number =
What setting disable also the BASIC CONFIGURATION on device?
(07-09-2015 02:20 PM)Gilb Wrote: [ -> ]What setting disable also the BASIC CONFIGURATION on device?

Did you ever get an answer to this?

Does anyone know how to lock the user out of change settings from the phone itself.

Example users can use the Menu->Basic on the handset to make changes to select another wall paper / ring tones etc.

How do we lock it out so you must enter a pin code to change any of these settings.

Change user account password?

You can do that through auto-provision using: =

There's also a WebItemsLevel.cfg somewhere for more fine-tuned control, but you'd have to check the provisioning documentation for that one as I have never used it before so don't have all the details.
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