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Full Version: [SOLVED] Modify softkey
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I'm trying to modify the Dialing softkeys, but have no luck.
I've been studying the Administrator guide and the User guide.

Phone: T42G / FW:

This is my boot file (y000000000000.boot):
include:config "http://www.xx.xx/T42G/TD.cfg"
overwrite_mode = 1

My config file (TD.cfg):
phone_setting.custom_softkey_enable = 1
custom_softkey_dialing.url = http:/www.xx.xx/T42G/Dialing_custom.xml

This is my Dialing_custom.xml file:
    <Key Type="Empty"/>
    <Key Type="History"/>
    <Key Type="Switch"/>
    <Key Type="Line"/>
    <Key Type="Directory"/>
    <Key Type="GPickup"/>
    <Key Type="DPickup"/>
    <Key Type="IME"/>
    <Key Type="Send"/>
    <Key Type="Delete"/>
    <Key Type="End Call"/>
    <Key Type="Send"/>
    <Key Type="IME"/>
    <Key Type="Delete"/>
    <Key Type="End Call"/>

What did I do wrong?
I had an typo-error in the URL Big Grin
I found it by enable the log:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=4171]
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