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Full Version: AutoProvisioning WiFi Dongle Settings
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I had a question regarding adding credentials of a Wifi network to a yealink phone so that the WiFi Dongle will automatically read a predefined network name and WiFi Password.

We auto provision all of our phones and I would like to be able to autoprovision the actual WiFi Settings in to these phones as well if that is possible. I simply logged in to the GUI of a phone I manually programmed with the WiFi Settings and downloaded the config file from the phone itself. I found the following settings and added them to my config template and tested with another phone. I had the test phone hardwired at first to obtain my config file, which it successfully did. With that said, when I disconnect the Ethernet and plug in the dongle, it does not automatically get read the Wifi settings and connect.

Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated as I would love to be able to streamline this Wifi Solution
Hi Sir,

Can you provide the config file for me? So that i can know if the configuration is correct. Thank you.
As i do a test in my side, and it can connect wifi successfully.
I'd also love this feature to work.
Hi Lucia,
Thanks for the response and I apologize for the length of time in my response. I actually managed to figure it out.

Hi syadnom - I actually figured this out and here is my recommendation for you. What I ended up doing was manually inputting the Dongle and manually setting it up over my network. I then used the "download Config" feature in the GUI of the phone. There you can find the code for this. You will need to know the SSID(network Name) and the password to input in to the config file.
The code I added to my config template for this is below. This worked well and it almost seems that when doing it this way, the password gets embedded in to the Network name so the endpoint user simply needs to confirm the network they want to use from the phone itself and if it matches the network in your config file, it will automatically connect if the password matches what you put in the config file.

Here is the code I used:

static.wifi.enable = 1
static.wifi.1.label = <Enter Label of Network here>
static.wifi.1.ssid = <enter exact SSID here>
static.wifi.1.security_mode = WPA2-PSK
static.wifi.1.cipher_type = CCMP
static.wifi.1.password = <Enter netowrk password here>

I hope this works for you.
Thanks, I will try it
@Zach Taggett, your example config includes the word "static".
I'm using 3CX and the default configuration file there does not include "static", i.e. "wifi.1.ssid = VOIP"

Yealink, is this proper for 3CX?
Yes, the parameter for phone and 3CX are different.
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