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Full Version: Skype for Business client crashes when BTOE Pairs
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we have noticed an issue for some users Skype for business client crashes soon as BTOE is paired.
Both BTOE ( Lync3.0.0.29 ) and Phone ( T42(T41)- on the latest firmware , Phone model - T42G
what could be the cause please ?

Try installing We have different phones but were having the same issue and the newer version resolved the issue for us.
Please update the latest firmware of the BToE(, we will release it in out website in this week. and i will attach it in the link below:

If still have the problem, please provide the level 6 syslog, config.bin and pace trace for us to analyze.

About how to get the three files, please refer to the FAQ below:

Please note to configure the Global log Level as 6 and the Btoe Log Level as 6, too.
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