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Full Version: W52P In the UK
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We have an American customer who needs a W52P in the UK. We sent them one from here but the installer in the UK said the following.

I had an Ofcom Engineer come in to check the radio channels and he advised that the radio phone you are using in your office is not a licensed phone in Europe.

Unfortunately it interferes with the mobile phone lines in the UK and can not be used.

We are looking for a model or firmware that will work with these radio channels and have had no luck with our retailers. Please let us know what we need to do to help our customer.

Probably the most fastest and easiest solution is: Buy a W52P kit in the UK, made for the UK.
Base and Handset from different countries are not exchangeable, because of the differences in radio channels.

FYI: Please check that the W52P kit runs on international firmware e.g. and not on customized one.

Hope this helps.
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