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Full Version: cannot disable auto provisioning W52P - W56H
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I am using W52P DECT base with Firmware Version There are one W52H and one W56H phones connected. The base Station is connected to a grandstream UCM 6102.

I do not want to use Auto provisioning since it is a small environment. So I did turn it off in the Settings. However the phones still keep giving out error Messages "autoprovisioning failed" with an annoying peep every few minutes , sometimes every few hours whatever Settings I use.

Please let me know how to deactivate it, I attach screenshot of Settings.

Thanks in advance

De settings in the screenshot are OK.

May I suggest to reset the base to factory default, manually re-config the base and then try again.

Hope this helps.
I have done factory reset and entered all data again, unfortunately same result. I think with the previous Firmware I did not have such Problems. I am wondering whether it makes sense and/or is possible at all to downgrade to previous ....10 Version

Quote:I am wondering whether it makes sense and/or is possible at all to downgrade to previous ....10 Version

Pity that the factory reset didn’t work for you. Strange, because I’m running the latest firmware too and without issues. Only difference is the base I’m using is connected to a 3CX PBX.

I don’t know if it make sense but it is possible to downgrade the base to previous firmware version.
The downgrade steps are exactly the same as the upgrade steps.
After the downgrade completed please factory reset the base before you program it again.
Unfortunately even that exercise was unsucessful, I have upgraded all components back to the latest Firmware. That is very annoying.

I hope Yealink will release the new V81 soon and also fix the Problem that you cannot just deactivate autoprovisioning effectively.

Would you mind setting the system log to 6, then monitor the phones.
If the phones show 'autoprovisioning failed' again, please export the log and config.bin.
We will check something from these files.
You can know the method via this FAQ:

Meantime, does any special scenario will cause this problem? Just like reboot the phone or others?
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