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Full Version: T48g with Jabra Speaker 810
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i have connected a Jabra Speaker 510 to a t48g using the BT40 dongle, and it's working fine. Now, i have bought a Jabra Seaker 810, but it is not connecting well with the dongle. Is there any firmware or something i could use to contect the Jabra 810 with the BT40 dongle?



Reading the techn specs, the device should pair with the BT40 dongle.

It looks like there is a firmware update for Jabra Speak 810 available.

Hope this helps.
Hi complex1, thanks for your reply.

We have already updated the device to the latest firmare but it is still not pairing with the BT40 dongle.
It is very strange that 510 model works fine but this one doesn't, Could it bre related with the bluetooth version? Jabra 810 works with 4.1
Aai, yes this is related to the bluetooth version.

This is what the BT40 Datasheet says:
"Compatible with Bluetooth specification V4.0, back compatible with Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, 2.0 and 3.0 for wide-ranging use."

The Jabra 810 and BT40 are not compatible with each other.
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