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Full Version: How can I complete the flexible seating?
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when I do autoprovision on T41 via broadsoft use the function Flexible seating, all process are success, but after phone reboot and get the Guest configuration, I found there are no GuestLock key. How do I complete the setting? ---How do I configure the GuestLock softkey?
Do you mean after you login in the guest accoutn and the phone reboot, there is no GuestLock key? Can you kindly provide the screencapture of the phone for me so that i can know the softkey layout of your phone.
Also, can you kindly provide the level 6 syslog, config.bin and pace trace for me when reproduce the issue.
Please refer to the FAQ to get the three files:

Also, how many phones you have in total? And how many of them have the issue?
Yes, all the file you need is attached, please kindly check.

In this time, I can't get the right process, when the phone reboot, it should get the guest configuration, and register use guest account, but it didn't, so I have to attached the previous operation traces, the syslog is capture this time, but I show the phone process as hoteling, not flexible. I don't know why, because I download the configuration use the phone GET request, and I really get the GUEST cfg. Please kindly suggest.
Sorry for my late reply since i did not receive the remind from the post.

About GuestLock softkey, pls see the detail below:

A Flexible Seating Guest service allows the user to specify a PIN code for unlocking the phone.
When a guest user creates an association with a host, the host device downloads the device files of the guest. If provisioned, this Unlock Phone PIN code is provided to the phone device via the device configuration files. If the Unlock Phone PIN code is set, the host phone can allow the guest user to lock the phone. The host-guest association cannot be disassociated via the phone until the phone is unlocked using the Unlock Phone PIN code.

Since the guest’s Unlock Phone PIN code is provided to the phone, the leased phone also provides a soft key (for example, GuestLock) for the guest user to lock the phone. The guest user presses the soft key to lock the phone.

So if you want to configure the GuestLock key, then pls configuration the Unlock Phone PIN code in the Server side.

For more info about the Flexible Seating Guest feature, pls refer to the guide in the attached:[attachment=4155]
Thanks for this.
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