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Full Version: T29G v81 Provisioning w/ Encryption
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Does anyone know where I can find a guide to explain encryption using the new v81 firmware provisioning method?

The legacy v80 provisioning doesn't work in the clear or encrypted with the firmware updated to V81. However, it does work using the new scheme in the clear.
For your problem, please refer to the Auto provision guide below:
I'm getting a little closer...

The below config forces a GET on the _Security.enc files, but the files are then ignored.
static.auto_provision.aes_key_in_file = 1

1. Did the encryption change, I'm still using the Linux binary from the older v80?
2. How do I "enable the phone to update encrypted configuration settings?" Is there another setting?

Also, once "static.auto_provision.aes_key_in_file = 1" is enabled, each subsequent auto provision only looks for mac.boot and mac_Security.enc regardless of what is in mac.boot. In fact, you can delete the mac.boot file altogether and it still looks for mac_Security.enc. Therefore, what is the reason for having the .boot file?
brought up a syslog server and looked at the output.

I"m getting two errors:
ATP <+3error > Only Update file_decryptd configs!
ATP <+3error > Decrypt file fail
I will reply with you in Yealink Ticket.
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