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Full Version: Firmware won't upgrade to handset
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Given 3CX Specifications, I need to upgrade the firmware for yealink W52 base and handhelds. We need this for the Multi handset provisioning, new in the 3cx v15 pbx.

De base upgrade went without problems.
The handsets, however are a problem.
THew current handset firmware is and we need to upgrade it to Since upgrading trough the website of the base does not work,

I wanted to try to upgrade the firmware using an usb cable I did download the W52x Firmware Update tool. I put all the files in the root directory. However, when i try to upgrade i get the message: " Bootloader is to new to support File system, skip update"

Since we only have windows 10 Devices here, in compliance wiht iso policy, downgrading of the windows system is a no go.
So how can i upgrade the handsets?
Quote:THew current handset firmware is and we need to upgrade it to Since upgrading trough the website of the base does not work,

Hi Jeroen,

There are two thing you have to know:
1. Handset with firmware is a customized firmware (with Dutch language) from distributor Lydis and this is only running on a W52H handset.
Customers cannot upgrade this firmware. If you want to upgrade please contact Lydis support.

2. Handset firmware is firmware for the W56H handset which is a different handset and this firmware cannot flashed into a W52H handset.
Please keep in mind that this firmware does not contain the Dutch language.

3CX v15 SP4 and W52 base on firmware is running fine.
There is no need to upgrade the firmware (base or handset)
I had a similar problem with installing the driver for the phone on windows 10 with the flasher software.

On the Flasher exe file do the following
Right Click -> Properties -> Compatability

Select Windows 7 under the compatability mode & Run as administrator

After this, I had to close the flasher program, disconnect the USB from the from the phone, re-open and reconnect the phone and it comes up in the list of devices.

This solved my problem of installing the phone driver on Windows 10 x64 Pro
Hi nicvon,

You are quite right, but if your handset contain customized firmware, like the OP have, you can’t flash the handset with other firmware only than customized firmware from the same supplier.
e.g. if the handset runs you can upgrade to but not to

Hope this helps.
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