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Full Version: New Auto Provisioning in x.81.0.15
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Hi group

Wow big changes in this release especially auto provisioning!
I am still trying to get my head around how it works and have read through the new Admin and Auto-provisioning Guides and Release notes but Im still not totally clear.
From what I understand:
1) The old way of auto provisioning is still supported using the Common and MAC CFG files
2) A new .boot file is supported which you can use to consolidate multiple custom config files.
3) The .boot file supports a new option overwrite_mode = 1 which I assume means that anything NOT in the config file is set to default?

What I dont understand is the new static.[old parameter]?
What do they actually mean? Is it just to identify them as parameters that will not be in the local config file?
Are these replacing the old parameters? If so, will the old parameters still work?
I dynamically provide the configuration to Yealink phones by setting my TFTP DHCP option to http://[serveraddress]/startup_script.php. I assume this will just emulate the old provisioning method?

You may need to know the differences between the parameters started with “static.” and other
common parameters:
 All static settings have no priority. They take effect no matter what method (web user
interface or phone user interface or configuration files) you are using for provisioning.
 All static settings are never be saved to <MAC>-local.cfg file.
 All static settings are not affected by the overwrite mode. That is, the actual values will not
be changed even if you delete the parameters associated with static settings, or you clear
the values of the parameters associated with static settings in the configuration files.
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