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Full Version: Change SSL certificate for Web Admin
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I want to change the certificate for the HTTPS console web admin. I tried to upload a custom certificate and change the option security.dev_cert to Custom but the default certificate 'yealinkgeneric' is still used.

Do someone have an idea to change the default HTTPS certificate?

I'm using the T46G with firmware


thanks for your information

do you mean that you want to log into T46 website page with HTTPS and it will ask for a certificate ?

as i know that Yelaink phone can support HTTPS log in , but will not ask for certificate , so just wonder why you need to change the certificate ?

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Hi Mickael,

Sorry for the confusion, I'm not asking about the user authentication using client certificate. I'm asking about changing the server certificate to put a custom one signed by our CA root.

Any answer. I still have the problem.
hi there

sorry that it seems like a new feature and we don't support it for the present , may i know that why you need to log in with custom certification?

change admin password is not OK for you ?

Hi Zouym,

we have our own CA root and we want to use a certificat generated by this root authority.

Same problem here. How can we replace the untrusted default phone certificate with our own (trusted) certificate?
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