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Full Version: No Audio @ T48G with Plantronics Headset Savi W720
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Hello -
I have the following configuration:

Yealink T48G
Plantronics Savi Office W720
RJ cable from Phone to Headset

Pickup and Hangup are working perfectly well.

But there is no Audio?

Can you please help?

Thx Joe

Can somebody please help me?

have you try to adjust the headset volume and test again ?

if no , please try to upgrade to new firmware and then reset to test ?

after that , if issue still exist, then please provide us the trace file for future analysis,trace file including pcap file, config bin and syslog file , we need pcap file to check the communication of phone and server side , we need syslog file to know what happened to phone side , and we need config file to check if any configuration is missed, so we need three of them provide at one time.

for how to get them and check they are useful, please refer to the FAQ below:

please send us the trace file ASAP so that your issue can be solved faster !

send to and ask them to forward the files to Michael ,thanks .


Yealink Wiki :
Thank you for your answer. The issue remains with the ne firmware.

Before we check the software I would like to check the hardware: how EXAKTLY would look the right audiocable for the headphone? Could you please provide a shopping link?

The pick up cable works perfectly fine, so I assume it might be the audio cable
I have the the EHS36 plugged into the "EXT" port. The plantronics Headset/Handset cable from the Savi is plugged into the "Headset Port". I left the handset plugged into the "Handset" port on the phone, not the adapter cable.

Hope this helps.
Thank you gtoneal63

this is exactly how I did set it up.

The Savi does indeed pickup when I push the button on the Yealink for "headset". But there is no sound.

I assume that I might have the wrong cable between Yealink and Savi. I tried to find it on the internet. Would you be able to send a link within this post to a store with the right product? I do not mind where in the world that would be.

Thank you
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