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Full Version: Issue with T46G freezing up
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Will a desktop PC connected directly to the port of a T46G cause the phone to freeze up or have issues. I have a Yealink T46G w/ exp. module on a Yeastar S100 and the phone is having issues. I'm wondering if the PC connected to the port of the phone may be causing the issues since it is pulling loads of data on the network?
Hi Atdjr,

if the PC connected directly to PC port of the phone, the issue happened. If you remove it from PC port, the phone can works normally, is it correct?
from you describe: the phone will freeze up or have issues, could you please share more details of what other issues you have met.
what firmware you are using now?(press OK button, you can see the firmware).
Hi Atdjr,

hope everything going well with you.
i make some testing on my side, it works well.
Could you please provide the testing file on your side (syslog with level 6, config.bin and PCAP).
how to get the file please refer to below Google drive.
Hey Jenson,
We removed the desktop from pc port of the phone and replaced with tablet and the phone has not had anymore issues. Also enabled the pc port on phone...Thanks for the quick response..
Hi Atdjr,

Thanks for your feedback.
I would like to know if there any difference on desktop that cost high bandwidth comparing with tablet.
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