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Full Version: Action URL - Incoming Call
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using Yealink T46G Phones on 3CX with XML-Push of Caller Information.
It's already working on the "Call established" Action - XML information is shown on the Phone.
But it's not working on the "incoming call" Action ... Phone simply doesn't show any Information ...

Using the same URL for both Actions ... and the Request is sent to the Server (see it in the Apache Logs)

Is there any Problem with showing XML Information on "incoming Call"?

Thank you
Andreas Schnederle-Wagner
Hi Andreas ,
Sorry , when the phone are has incoming call, the phone won't show the xml information.
from my understanding, we have a parameter Caller ID Source on Account->Advanced page.

It configures the presentation of the caller identity when receiving an incoming call for account X.
CFG Configuration:
Valid Value:
(0-FROM (Derives the name and number of the caller from the "From" header);1-PAI (Derives the name and number of the caller from the "PAI" header. If the server does not send the "PAI"header, it will display "anonymity" on the calleeā€˜s phone);2-PAI-FROM (Derives the name and number of the caller from the "PAI" header preferentially. If the server does not send the "PAI" header, it will derive from the "From" header); 3-PRID-PAI-FROM; 4-PAI-RPID-FROM; 5-RPID-FROM)

In this case, if the server can put the caller information in these header, the phone will show the correct one, please check if it can meet your requirement .
Best Regards!
Hi Flora,

unfortunately it won't work with those Headers.
1) We can't configure them that granular within 3CX PBX
2) We need to display much more information than that ... Information includes "which Employee spoke to caller in the previous call, when was the last Call, what was the last Call about, ...) so lot's of Information one can't just simply put within Caller ID ...
Depending on the Information shown - the appropriate staff Member should pick up the Call.

But if I can't show XML on "incoming call" I guess I can't implement such a functionality with Yealink! Undecided

I guess with the latest Firmware Version released it is still not possible to show XML information on "incoming Call" - isn't it?

Suggest that you can email to Flora directly. She can't handle the forum any more.
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